Carbisdale Day no. 1 & 2

Hey! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been on Carbisdale Camp for the past 10 days! Just a quick overview, it was absolutely amazing!! I had so much fun, it’s ridiculous. I could’ve easily kept going for another two weeks. I think I can say the same for everyone else in my house too. For the record, the house that I joined was Kintyre and is dark purple.

Anyway, Day 1 of Carbisdale felt like a year ago, but also like it was yesterday. Its all very confusing… So I set my alarm for 5:30am to wake up. Not a pretty start. As being captain, Kate had to travel up early to help set up one of the activities called the Bothy, and being her exchange, I came with her. The bus left from Mary Erskine’s car park at 7am, carrying four members from Kintyre house and another two captains from another house (Invershin). The five hour long bus trip up was painfully long and boring. We all managed to find something to do. e.g. the guys played headers with the footy ball while we concentrated on dodging the ball when it came flying over to us. It was entertaining until we almost broke the window… So when we arrived at our destination, it was such a relief. Except for the fact we had to then carry over supplies to the bothy, which was around 6km from the road. The distance wasn’t bad, more the fact that it was so flat and boring to walk on.

So let me explain what the bothy is. It’s a little cottage in the middle of nowhere sometimes, where you can stay there free of charge. But the catch is, anyone can use it. So that means that there’s always the chance someone might rock up in the night and demand a place to stay. There’s no way you can actually book it. The bothy is usually quite old and doesn’t have electricity. We were quite lucky to have a toilet. Our job was to clean the little cottage up with the help of two teachers and make it liveable even for only one night. We fixed the chimney, dusted (which didn’t help), set out supplies like cooking utensils , sleeping mats, cleaning equipment and much more. I also purified around 15 litres of drinking water. To add a little bit of flare, I placed little tea lights around the window sills, and basically any bare surface. It was only later that someone told me that they had a hole burnt into their jumper from getting too close to one…5 girls and 5 boys from each house get to go on the bothy, and sadly I didn’t get to experience actually staying the night. But I had fun anyway sleeping in a comfy, warm bed.

After the boring walk back to the mini-bus we made our way to a small youth hostel called Inchnadamph Lodge. There we were lead to our rooms and fed dinner. Because the guys were so un-social and shy to us, us girls crowded into one room during free time and just chilled together. Handing out baked goods our parents had given us to snack on throughout the camp. It was a good night and quite laid back.

The next morning, we woke up and said goodbye to the people who were travelling to the bothy. We then up and left to commence on the 1DX (one day expedition) straight after breakfast. The 1DX was interesting, we walked through marsh until we reached the bottom of a hill called Quinag. One of the girls Rachel, and I powered ahead of the guys who were at the front, determined to get up to the top first. It was pretty cold but we worked up a sweat and I found myself in around 3 degree weather wearing a thin t-shirt with a Lulu Lemon long sleeved top over it which was quite thin as well.

After a small lunch break and a deep talk about trajectory and summits we headed back down, to then walk up another four mountains. Of course, Rachel and I clambered up rocks and walked across very narrow paths that dropped down either side just to stay up front. We’d stop each time we reached every second false summit. By the 6th time we stopped for others to catch up we got impatient. Which looking back was a little mean but we just wanted to lie down. So we powered on in front of the teacher and practically sprinted down the hill, stumbling over rocks, squelching through marsh and avoiding tripping over our own laces towards the vans. It was all worth it when we peeled off our hiking boots and lay in the sun that decided to come out for a good hour or two.

When we finally got back to Inchnadamph Lodge, the girls lined up for the one shower that we had to share between 17. While the guys had 7. Then Invershin arrived. They were very loud to say the least. BUT! I got to see Ducky and Olivia which was a plus. Ducky and I walked around the grounds, catching up on gossip and having a bit of one on one Australian time. We even saw wild deer which came up close to us, until some guys in Invershin scared them off…

So you could say that the first couple of days were pretty good. I certainly thought so at least.

I’ll keep posting more about my Carbisdale journey, and all the photos from the camp are on the gallery.

B x


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