First Day at School

The jetlag is only just starting to hit me now. It may also be because I have had a big day at school today as well. I’ll tell you how it all went…

I woke up this morning before my alarm at 6:40, feeling quite awake and excited for the day ahead. I slowly got dressed, taking my time instead of rushing like I do most mornings back in Sydney. I had breakfast, packed my bag and still had time to check up on my friends and talk to family. Then we left for school.

Right when we were about to enter Mary Erskine’s school gates, Ducky and Olivia showed up and we walked together to our roll call classes. Which we have together! After that we had a meeting with the Deputy Head of MES and got given timetables, house badges, a shield and a diary. Then classes began.

The classes I had today were maths, history, design & manufacturing, english and chemistry. All quite interesting. Design & manufacturing is basically what we did in year 7 where we make household objects out of wood. One of the highlights was definitely the canteen. It’s like High School Musical! Where we line up for food and pick what we would like. It’s mostly warm food, thank god. I’d freeze otherwise. And today was supposedly hot!

Anyway, I better get ready for bed before I fall asleep on my computer. I’m literally that tired. It’s unfair. Hopefully I’ll be more energetic tomorrow!

Bella x



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